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Club Fitting

One of the biggest handicaps that most people have is ill fitting golf clubs.

The industry survey shows that over 95% of golfers are playing with incorrectly fitted clubs.

Your clubs need to fit Your swing. You wouldn't wear someone else's shoes, so why would you use someone elses clubs.

Here at the Indoor Academy we give you a detailed evaluation of your current clubs. From this information we can decide your next move, whether it be keep your current clubs, to alter or purchase new.

We will also discuss your strengths and weaknesses and set your clubs up to help your game.

This is all done in a first class environment using the latest technology.

We have our own specialised club fitter who can personalise your clubs to your game. Learner golfers can improve dramatically by getting their clubs custom fitted, it's not just for scratch golfers, every body will benefit from our professional service.

Come and experience for yourself, call The Clubhouse on 01142755050 or Jason Proctor on 07990570489 or Helen Hill 07968953008.

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